Signalement: Doing Double Dutch

The importance of a minor language in the field of world literature. Dutch literature is increasingly understood as a network of texts and poetics connected to other languages and literatures through translations and adaptations. In this book, a team of international researchers explores how Dutch literary texts cross linguistic, historical, geophysical, political, religious, and disciplinary borders, and reflects on a wide range of methods for studying these myriad border crossings. As a result, this volume provides insight into the international dissemination of Dutch literature and the position of a smaller, less-translated language within the field of world literature.
The title Doing Double Dutch evokes a popular rope-skipping game in which two people turn two long jump ropes in opposite directions while a third person jumps them. A fitting metaphor for how literature circulates internationally: two dynamic spheres, the source culture and the target culture, engage one another in a complex pattern of movement resulting in a new literary work, translation, or adaptation formed somewhere in the middle.

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Doing Double Dutch. The International Circulation of Literature from the Low Countries
Elke Brems, Orsolya Réthelyi, and Ton Van Kalmthout (ed.)
Leuven University Press
335 pagina’s
ISBN: 9789462700970