Vroegmoderne Nederlandse bijbelvertalingen middeleeuwser dan vermoed. Vondst van een vijftiende-eeuwse getuige van het Vorsterman-psalter

Youri Desplenter


In a 15th century manuscript, a translation has been found of the Book of Psalms that was printed in 1528 by Willem Vorsterman as part of a popular Dutch version of the Old Testament. As Vorsterman's text has always been looked at as being largely depending on the 'Lutheran' bible translation of Jacob van Liesvelt (1526), this find changes our perspective on early 'modern' Dutch bible versions severely. Moreover, since the manuscript contains marginal notes referring to the Hebrew bible text, this psalter version, possibly made by Cornelius Aurelius († 1531), is to be considered as a missing link between the medieval and the 16th century bible translations in Dutch.


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