De bronnen van Des Roches. Jan Des Roches' Nieuwe Nederduytsche spraek-konst (1761) en de taalgeschiedenis van de achttiende eeuw

Gijsbert Rutten


The linguistic situation in the eighteenth-century Southern Netherlands has been characterized as a period of decay, and the most important grammar of the time, Jan Des Roches' (?1740-1787) Nieuwe Nederduytsche spraekkonst (1761), as a grammar of the Antwerp dialect. A study of the sources and the contents of Des Roches' grammar reveals that the author produced a comprehensive compilation of linguistic ideas taken from the works of Southern-Dutch predecessors (e.g. P.B. 1757, Verpoorten 1752, 1759), Northern-Dutch normative grammars (Moonen 1706, Sewel 1712), a Dutch introduction to Latin (Fondamenten 1762) as well as the French grammatical tradition (Buffier 1754). Instead of a dialect-oriented ama teur, Des Roches appears to have been a rather learned and creative grammarian.

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