‘U hebt ernaar gevraagd, anders had ik er niks van ge­zegd’. Interviews in de documentaire literatuur van de jaren zestig

Lieselot De Taeye


In recent literary studies interviews in which the interviewee is a writer have been studied extensively. I focus in this article on another type of literary in­terviews, i.e. those interviews in which a writer interrogates a non­literary person about a subject unrelated to writing. Taking the history of the interview and the extant genre theory as a starting point, I analyse two examples: De ss’ers (1967) by Armando and Hans Sleutelaar, and Persoons-bewijs (1973) by Philo Bregstein. By examining poetical legitimations and the relation between these texts and tradi­tional literary genres, I furthermore delineate some dynamics of the documentary tendency of the 1960s in Dutch literature.

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