De Pastorum Hagiensium Icones van Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687). Een serie gedichten op Haagse predikanten

Inge Broekman, Jan Bloemendal


1651 saw the publication of a pamphlet written by Constantijn Huygens: Pastorum Hagiensium Icones. It contains poems on portraits - which really existed or existed only in the imagination of the poet - of the six ministers of St. Jacob's Church (St. Jacobskerk) in The Hague, and a poem on all pastors together. In these poems Huygens thematizes the relation between painting and reality, the visual arts and literature. Since two manuscript versions of the poems still exist, part of the history of their genesis can be traced. It is argued that he made the pamphlet as a gift for the preachers. This contribution offers a critical edition and a translation of the poems.

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