Zichtbaar in de canon. Spelregels voor cultuurbemiddelaars

Petra Broomans


Abstract – This paper examines the inclusion or exclusion of cultural transmitters from the canon. Are there any impelling criteria for the canonisation of a cultural transmitter? What qualities, strategies or rules are required to gain capital in the literary field in order to enter literary history and cultural transfer history? Visibility in the phases of the cultural transfer process, connection with important authors and/or mainstreams, awards, networks and professionalization might be imperative tools. After a state-of-the-field of literary history, cultural transfer studies, cultural studies and translation studies, I endorse the observation of Michel Espagne and Peter Burke that the role of cultural transmitters, and one should add more specific women cultural transmitters, still have been understudied. Against the backdrop of new fields such as transnational literary histories and cultural transfer histories, it will be useful to discuss the case of selected cultural transmitters of Scandinavian literature in the Dutch speaking area. The question is whether or not canonization is a coincidence or arising from a secret formula.

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