Van charismatische kok tot tekst. Het verdedigen en bestendigen van charismatisch gezag in de laatmiddeleeuwse tekstcultuur

Eva Vandemeulebroucke


Elevating the unrestrained writings of a charismatic cook to the level of doctrine, in the hope that his words might inspire the faithful and assure them of eternal salvation, is one thing. Making those words worthy of trust and obedience is another matter. In this contribution, we will explore the unique and varied methods of textual transmission and the corresponding strategies used by the Groenendaal community to turn their monastery cook Jan van Leeuwen († 1378) into a purposive construction. Using this approach, we examine what contemporary and posthumous image building means for a community and the ways in which this connects or distinguishes the late medieval writer from our (early-) modern notion of authorship.


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