Hoe zeer onze smaak van dien der oude Grieken verschilt. Neoclassicistische vertalingen en producties van Sophocles' Antigone tijdens de negentiende eeuw

Thomas Crombez


The early nineteenth century is the focus of this case-study on the reception of Greek drama in the Low Countries. Its central question concerns the cultural distance between the original plays and their modern translators. The essay argues that the question of translating the ancient authors ‘faithfully’ first emerged at the time when the Greek plays were also for the first time being produced on the modern stage. Two novel research instruments were used for this contribution: a new bibliography of Dutch translations of Greek drama, and a theatrography of performances produced in the Netherlands and Flanders. Based on these data, a number of general observations can be formulated, which form the introduction to the analysis of specific early nineteenth-century adaptations of Sophocles’ Antigone.

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