Het liedboek voor Anna Steyn. Gekalligrafeerde liefdesliederen en de receptie van gedrukte liedboeken uit het begin van de zeventiende eeuw

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This article deals with the songbook of Anna Steyn from 1611. In the first part, it is argued that the calligraphic first part of it was made by (or by order of) Cornelis van Beresteyn as a farewell gift to Anna Steyn who did not requite his love. Secondly, it appears that on the following pages of the book others wrote songs from printed songbooks from the period. This makes Anna Steyn’s songbook a good example of the contemporary reception of songs and of the interconnection of written and printed sources. A plea to start a centralized database of Dutch early modern handwritten literary texts, along the lines of that of English texts by Peter Beal, concludes this article.

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