Een Middelnederlands Oud Testament uit Holland in de Vorsterman-bijbel (1528)? De cantica in het Middelnederlandse Philadelphia-psalter

Youri Desplenter


The comparison of the canticles of the Old Testament in the Middle Dutch Philadelphia-manuscript (ca. 1485) with the corresponding passages in the most prominent late medieval and early modern Dutch bibles yields some interesting results. As it seems, the version of the psalms and canticles in the Philadelphia-manuscript is part of a more extensive translation of the Old Testament. On the one hand, that would have had the form of a Middle Dutch (early) humanistic historical bible, and on the other hand that of a translated liturgical psalter. In manuscript form all this has only been handed down fragmentarily, notably in the Philadelphia-manuscript, but has, as it seems, been assimilated into the Vorsterman-bible of 1528. Moreover, this Middle Dutch translation has influenced the Dutch Old Testament of Hans (I) van Ruremund (1525) and the vernacular Liesvelt-bible (1526).

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