Een vierde kwartier in de Nederlandse koloniale en postkoloniale literatuur. De Nederlandse literatuur van Zuid-Afrika

Eep Francken, Olf Praamstra


Traditionally, Dutch colonial and postcolonial literature is regarded as consisting of three major branches, namely Dutch literature of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), the Dutch Antilles and Surinam. However, the authors of this article argue that in this respect a fourth branch has been undeservedly neglected -- Dutch literature from South Africa. Dutch language and literature were highly important in South African cultural life until the official recognition of the Afrikaans language in 1925. In the nineteenth century hundreds of Dutch books and periodicals appeared, all intended for South African readers, and there was a flourishing Dutch literary culture. In Dutch literary history, however, this South African connection has always been relatively unknown. This article gives an overview of South African Dutch literature, and describes its position in Afrikaans literary history. It thereby emphasizes that a History of South African Dutch literature is much needed and proposes what such a History should look like.

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